May 21, 2009

Our Sweet Little Angel...

Gracie had her first photo shoot! We went the first time and only got through 20 out of 100 photos before she refused to cooperate. We rescheduled and she did amazing the second time! We love her so much.. what a joy!

And so it begins...

Steven graduated from BYU on April 23rd, 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. That day was also the day our baby was due but Gracie was a good girl and held out for us so I could attend the commencement. Now that he is graduated we continue to look for work and have a little one on the way. We are beginning a whole new life together and we are so excited for the upcoming adventures we'll share.
What are the odds that my due date is the day he graduates?! I have to admit it was a little long having to sit in those uncomfortable chairs for 2 hours while being 9 months pregnant.

Steves family