February 22, 2008

Valentine's Story

So.. I come home.. the house is spotless, dishes are done, one of my favorite bands that he hates is playing (its too embarassing to admit, he he) and that alone makes it the best Valentines day ever!!! So I told him I wanted to shower and get ready for the night.. I walk in my room and its decorated with valentine notes, balloons, and a dozen roses.. aww!! Brownie points for Stevie!!!

This balloon is always peekeen at me..

For dinner we went to Ottavios.. my favorite italian restaurant. We made reservations a few days before but the earliest we could get in was 9 o'clock so we had some time to kill... Steve took me to the BYU bell tower where we had our first kiss.. aww! Then we had even more time to kill and the Bean Museum was across the street. Yes, we went to a museum on Valentines Day but it was so wonderful!! Anyway, we got to Ottavios and after waiting for another half hour found out that they completely changed their menu so they didnt have my favorite dinner AND the prices were twice as much as the original prices!!! It ended up great and I still really enjoyed my dinner. I gave Stevie a Frank Sinatra cd as a surprise gift and we had a great time. We ended the night watching Phantom of the Opera.. great day :)

Jazz Days

There is nothing better than cuddling up on a Friday night and watching a good game of basketball.