March 2, 2008

I got tagged...

Breanne tagged me, I'm it....

1. Ten Years Ago....... I was in fifth grade and spent most my time with friends and having crushes on boys. Was also in gymnastics.

2. Five Things on My To-Do List....... Pay some things off, clean out storage at work, take my car in to get fixed, prepare FHE lesson, and work on March Activity (Ward Olymipics!)

3. Things I Enjoy..... Watching politics, Jazz games, playing guitar, going out to eat, watch good movies, hang out with Stevie.

4. What Would I Do if I Were a Billionaire...... Shop a little bit, give to a charity, save for kids college, and have a nice car.

5. Three Bad Habits...... Eating too much, staying up too late, and procrastination.

6. Places I Have Lived....... Orem, UT and England (that was more of a looooong vacation) he he

7. Five jobs I Have Had..... Manager at Proactiv Solution, University Mall Cinemas, Jamestown Doctors Office, and Data Entry... (only 4) I ususally keep the jobs I have for a long time! =)

8. Five Things People Don't know About Me....... I would rather watch a good action movie over a chick flick, I do not like to read very much, I keep my house very clean almost everyday, I sing in my car, and I occassionally pull out my Hanson cds and listen to a few songs...

5 People I am Tagging... Stevie, Stephanie, Leenda, Karen, and Amy