December 11, 2008

*~ Gracie Lynn Delgado ~*

October 29, 2008

Sister's Triplets [Lia, Brynn & Claire]

Yay! They are here and safe! For those of you who I haven't kept updated on the triplets they are doing great and hopefully will be coming home from the NICU soon! Stephanie has been doing a great job trying to juggle time visiting the hospital twice a day to feed the babies and spend time with (almost 2 yr old) Miriam. Aren't these babies adorable?! Stephanie you really are amazing =)

Utah Jazz.. Woot woot!!!

Everyone ready for the new season?! I know we are!! We are soo excited. This means lots of Jazz parties with friends, family and junk food! Steve and I look forward to Jazz season all year and it's finally here. Let's win a championship huh! Go JaZz!!!

August 28, 2008

How We Found Out...

We were pretty much suspicious that I could possibly be pregnant from the usual signs of pregnancy. Fatigue, very irritable, really emotional (sorry stevie), backaches, headaches, abdominal pain and some other symptoms I don't really care to mention.

Steve knew something was up when I was literally crying because I was hungry.

So we went to the store to get one of those take-home tests. In a way I didn't want to know just yet. If I was pregnant I would feel not ready but if I wasn't pregnant I would be disappointed... (?!) I was content just not knowing...

Well I sneaked into the bathroom while Stevie was watching the Olympics and did the whole drill (you all know what that goes!) and what I saw was a plain NEGATIVE! I looked and felt a sigh of relief but definite disappointment. I picked it up again a couple minutes later to find a VERY LIGHT vertical line forming a positive. I squinted my eyes and blinked a million times per second to make sure I was seeing it right and ran to tell Stevie. It was very emotional.. for both of us.

Sure enough I was in fact pregnant. I even tested again @ 4 a.m. We ran to Walmart to get the famous book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and then went to Denny's to celebrate! (My favorite Cheesecake tasted like dirt!) Bummer! My 12 week appointment is on Oct 14th.. we'll see what happens! Any advice?!

Date Night! Shopped for souveniers and had a nice candle light dinner overlooking the ocean.

View from our condo! Isn't it gorgeous?!

Here we are waiting to eat at ALOHA GRILL in our cute matching t-shirts!

We all attended the Luau.. one of my favorite nights! What a great family I married in to =)


August 1, 2008

7 Inches Gone...

I cut my hair today... it was a shock I almost cried and had no idea what possessed me to do it. When the lady was done cutting it I had a blank stare in the mirror and had no idea whether to laugh, cry or smile. 7 inches all at once is a lot but the only person I really care to impress is Stevie and he LoVeD it so then I guess I do too!

July 20, 2008

Michael Has Been Called to Serve In...

My little brother is going to be the greatest missionary!!! I am so excited for him. It is going to be so hard to see him go.

It was quite an adventure getting ahold of that letter. It was supposed to come on Wednesday (like usual) and we had a big family get-together all planned out. All of his friends were invited as well. Well it didn't come on Wednesday. I can only imagine what Michael was feeling having to wait another whole day to find out what place he was going to serve. We even went down to the Post office twice to try and get it and they were just no help at all. Well thursday FINALLY came and so did the letter! I just could not wait until Michael opened it.. it was intense! Michael will change so many lives there in Texas and I am so happy for him!

July 10, 2008

Stephanie Tagged Me!

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was in 6th grade. Spent my time having crushes on boys and hanging out with friends. I believe at the time I was "going out" with Michael Hales. Still know him... nice guy.

5 years ago? Working at the theater with my best friends Elric, Johnny and Flo. Staying out till late hours of the night after work going camping and eating at Dennys and being crazy. Now that I think of it I have mellowed out a little bit.

1 year ago? Working at Proactiv [still there], trying to save money, hanging out with Stevie and trying to figure out all this marriage stuff =)

Yesterday? Did laundry at my Mom's and went looking for cheaper apartments. Rent is going up $50 bucks and it's already over priced. Ugh.

Favorite Snacks? Doughnuts and cheesecake.

Favorite Books? The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks. I have wanted to read the Twilight books because people are suggesting it but I have been disappointed with peoples suggestions in the past. But yeah not much of a reader. I get bored and have an attention span as thin as a toothpick.

Bad Habits? Making clutter piles. So you walk into my house and think its clean? Look in the closets and corners. It's very deceiving. (Or it could be that our apartment is so small there really is no where else to put it.) I will just keep tellin myself that..

Places I would like to run away to? Go on an African Safari.. someday...

Things I would never wear? High socks with shorts. That is big no no. (For girls)

Pet peeves? Hands down.. when someone tries to talk to me while I'm on the phone. My brain can't seem to function and it irritates me so don't ever do it.

Famous People? Don't care that much I would love to meet the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast. Especially Ross and Rachel.. and of course Joey and Chandler.. ah what the heck I would like to meet them all! Best show ever.

4 People I want to tag! Stevie, Danny, David, and Annie Mom

June 1, 2008


Ever since I can remember my Mom has cooked dinner for my family. I am so used to having 6'oclock roll around and there will be a nice hot meal ready for me on the dinner table. I have been married for two years and am still waiting for those dinners to just magically appear. I have never been excited to cook. My Mom always asked me to cook with her so that I could learn how to for when I get older. I thought that day would never come.. having to make my own meals. (Mom, just like always you were right.. again) I am now learning how to make all those meals my Mom always cooked...

I made my first Pot Roast tonight... and I will say it was delicious!!! So far it's going great! Cooking ain't so bad...

Broken Water Heater

So if you have talked to Steve or I in the last month... I am sure that you heard about our water heater breaking. For the first two and half weeks (even though it was still miserable) we at least got about 4.5 minutes of luke warm water.. and I thought that was bad!! We had the Cambridge Court maintenence guy come and "fix" it and then to our surprise... made it worse. There was not even an ounce of warm water!!! We couldn't shower OR do the dishes!!! It honestly was miserable. I was boiling pots of water on the stove and trying to take a sponge bath (that didn't go over so well) and Steve was having to shower at BYU everyday. I will admit that going to my moms a couple times to get ready wasn't so bad because she has a full jacuzzi with jets and all that fancy stuff! But overall it was not the funnest week I have had. Needless to say they did eventually come and fix our water heater. I will NEVER forget to count my blessings of having hot water!!!

My Little Brother

It has been awhile since I have posted and figured my time is due. My little brother had his Orem High graduation on the 30th of May and I always thought graduations were SOO boring! But I loved every minute of it. I did everything I could to make sure that I got off work early so that I could be there and support him and it was so worth it. While I was sitting there during the program I realized... he's going to be leaving on his mission soon. Of course I have thought about it but now it is real to me. Tears came to my eyes and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. That is going to be the hardest day for me.

I am going to miss the 3-4 phone calls a week to give me an "update" on whats going on with school, friends, girls, etc. The warm hugs that I always receive from him when I come over for weekly family dinners. His LOUD music when he's playing his electric guitar.. I could go on and on. I consider Michael one of my best friends and I can't believe he is growing up so fast.

I am really amazed what he has turned out to be. His desire to do the right thing, how humble he is when he easily could think very highly of himself, his sense of humor always puts a smile on my face, and anyone who knows him knows that he is a good example to anyone who is around him. It's going to be so hard to see him go but just like he always has.. he's going on to do what the Lord wants him to do. I love you Michael and I will miss you.

March 2, 2008

I got tagged...

Breanne tagged me, I'm it....

1. Ten Years Ago....... I was in fifth grade and spent most my time with friends and having crushes on boys. Was also in gymnastics.

2. Five Things on My To-Do List....... Pay some things off, clean out storage at work, take my car in to get fixed, prepare FHE lesson, and work on March Activity (Ward Olymipics!)

3. Things I Enjoy..... Watching politics, Jazz games, playing guitar, going out to eat, watch good movies, hang out with Stevie.

4. What Would I Do if I Were a Billionaire...... Shop a little bit, give to a charity, save for kids college, and have a nice car.

5. Three Bad Habits...... Eating too much, staying up too late, and procrastination.

6. Places I Have Lived....... Orem, UT and England (that was more of a looooong vacation) he he

7. Five jobs I Have Had..... Manager at Proactiv Solution, University Mall Cinemas, Jamestown Doctors Office, and Data Entry... (only 4) I ususally keep the jobs I have for a long time! =)

8. Five Things People Don't know About Me....... I would rather watch a good action movie over a chick flick, I do not like to read very much, I keep my house very clean almost everyday, I sing in my car, and I occassionally pull out my Hanson cds and listen to a few songs...

5 People I am Tagging... Stevie, Stephanie, Leenda, Karen, and Amy

February 22, 2008

Valentine's Story

So.. I come home.. the house is spotless, dishes are done, one of my favorite bands that he hates is playing (its too embarassing to admit, he he) and that alone makes it the best Valentines day ever!!! So I told him I wanted to shower and get ready for the night.. I walk in my room and its decorated with valentine notes, balloons, and a dozen roses.. aww!! Brownie points for Stevie!!!

This balloon is always peekeen at me..

For dinner we went to Ottavios.. my favorite italian restaurant. We made reservations a few days before but the earliest we could get in was 9 o'clock so we had some time to kill... Steve took me to the BYU bell tower where we had our first kiss.. aww! Then we had even more time to kill and the Bean Museum was across the street. Yes, we went to a museum on Valentines Day but it was so wonderful!! Anyway, we got to Ottavios and after waiting for another half hour found out that they completely changed their menu so they didnt have my favorite dinner AND the prices were twice as much as the original prices!!! It ended up great and I still really enjoyed my dinner. I gave Stevie a Frank Sinatra cd as a surprise gift and we had a great time. We ended the night watching Phantom of the Opera.. great day :)

Jazz Days

There is nothing better than cuddling up on a Friday night and watching a good game of basketball.