August 28, 2008

How We Found Out...

We were pretty much suspicious that I could possibly be pregnant from the usual signs of pregnancy. Fatigue, very irritable, really emotional (sorry stevie), backaches, headaches, abdominal pain and some other symptoms I don't really care to mention.

Steve knew something was up when I was literally crying because I was hungry.

So we went to the store to get one of those take-home tests. In a way I didn't want to know just yet. If I was pregnant I would feel not ready but if I wasn't pregnant I would be disappointed... (?!) I was content just not knowing...

Well I sneaked into the bathroom while Stevie was watching the Olympics and did the whole drill (you all know what that goes!) and what I saw was a plain NEGATIVE! I looked and felt a sigh of relief but definite disappointment. I picked it up again a couple minutes later to find a VERY LIGHT vertical line forming a positive. I squinted my eyes and blinked a million times per second to make sure I was seeing it right and ran to tell Stevie. It was very emotional.. for both of us.

Sure enough I was in fact pregnant. I even tested again @ 4 a.m. We ran to Walmart to get the famous book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and then went to Denny's to celebrate! (My favorite Cheesecake tasted like dirt!) Bummer! My 12 week appointment is on Oct 14th.. we'll see what happens! Any advice?!

Date Night! Shopped for souveniers and had a nice candle light dinner overlooking the ocean.

View from our condo! Isn't it gorgeous?!

Here we are waiting to eat at ALOHA GRILL in our cute matching t-shirts!

We all attended the Luau.. one of my favorite nights! What a great family I married in to =)


August 1, 2008

7 Inches Gone...

I cut my hair today... it was a shock I almost cried and had no idea what possessed me to do it. When the lady was done cutting it I had a blank stare in the mirror and had no idea whether to laugh, cry or smile. 7 inches all at once is a lot but the only person I really care to impress is Stevie and he LoVeD it so then I guess I do too!