July 20, 2008

Michael Has Been Called to Serve In...

My little brother is going to be the greatest missionary!!! I am so excited for him. It is going to be so hard to see him go.

It was quite an adventure getting ahold of that letter. It was supposed to come on Wednesday (like usual) and we had a big family get-together all planned out. All of his friends were invited as well. Well it didn't come on Wednesday. I can only imagine what Michael was feeling having to wait another whole day to find out what place he was going to serve. We even went down to the Post office twice to try and get it and they were just no help at all. Well thursday FINALLY came and so did the letter! I just could not wait until Michael opened it.. it was intense! Michael will change so many lives there in Texas and I am so happy for him!

July 10, 2008

Stephanie Tagged Me!

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was in 6th grade. Spent my time having crushes on boys and hanging out with friends. I believe at the time I was "going out" with Michael Hales. Still know him... nice guy.

5 years ago? Working at the theater with my best friends Elric, Johnny and Flo. Staying out till late hours of the night after work going camping and eating at Dennys and being crazy. Now that I think of it I have mellowed out a little bit.

1 year ago? Working at Proactiv [still there], trying to save money, hanging out with Stevie and trying to figure out all this marriage stuff =)

Yesterday? Did laundry at my Mom's and went looking for cheaper apartments. Rent is going up $50 bucks and it's already over priced. Ugh.

Favorite Snacks? Doughnuts and cheesecake.

Favorite Books? The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks. I have wanted to read the Twilight books because people are suggesting it but I have been disappointed with peoples suggestions in the past. But yeah not much of a reader. I get bored and have an attention span as thin as a toothpick.

Bad Habits? Making clutter piles. So you walk into my house and think its clean? Look in the closets and corners. It's very deceiving. (Or it could be that our apartment is so small there really is no where else to put it.) I will just keep tellin myself that..

Places I would like to run away to? Go on an African Safari.. someday...

Things I would never wear? High socks with shorts. That is big no no. (For girls)

Pet peeves? Hands down.. when someone tries to talk to me while I'm on the phone. My brain can't seem to function and it irritates me so don't ever do it.

Famous People? Don't care that much I would love to meet the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast. Especially Ross and Rachel.. and of course Joey and Chandler.. ah what the heck I would like to meet them all! Best show ever.

4 People I want to tag! Stevie, Danny, David, and Annie Mom